Color and Line

Two of my favorite things: Color and line or colorful lines, or just lots of lines or just lots of color. Oil on canvas was my primary medium until the last five years or so. Now I've been branching out to other media and finding new ways to play with color and lines.


The first time I created a painting that broke completely with representationalism was a disconcerting experience. All I really did was paint out a boathouse, but without that tiny hold on reality the painting crossed over into the world of color and shape. Don't be fooled by the labeling titles of some of my paintings. These simply occur to me after the work is finished and should be freely ignored.


In August of 2001 I had a solo show at Synchronicity Space in New York City.

Works on Paper

Acrylic, soft pastel, ink,
pencil and oil pastel
on paper

Oil on Canvas

Multi-layered paintings
some with acrylic